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Primary programme

Why choose Exeter for your 主要PGCE

Rated “outstanding” in our most recent Ofsted inspection in 2017, og真人平台的初级PGCE课程为您提供了独特的机会来选择一个专业的途径, preparing you to become curriculum coordinators.

All children deserve to be able to access, participate in and engage with learning, and have the best possible education experience. We know that good teachers are at the heart of this. With this in mind, we aim to develop critically reflective 教师——能够挑战现有的假设(包括他们自己的假设),以适应和发展他们的实践,以满足学生不断变化的需求. Our programme is designed to enable trainees to understand and interrogate the principles of teaching and learning which lie beneath practice, so that they can make informed choices in their own practices. We aim to develop trainees' confidence in engaging with research by helping them to understand and interpret research findings, and also through direct experience of small-scale research-informed studies. Through this, we develop future teachers who have 机构; they are adaptable, informed and passionate about pupil learning. 小学PGCE课程旨在使学员在小学课程中发展他们的教育学学科知识,并发展他们对更广泛的教育问题的理解. 通过不同的学习途径,学员可以更深入地探索课程设计或课程主题等领域,发展自己的领导潜力. Equipped with these qualities and skills, og真人平台的学员将加入一个广泛的教师社区,为学校和孩子们的生活做出积极的贡献.

og真人平台优秀的PGCE课程为您提供了一个机会,培训成为一名多面手小学教师,并增加了专业途径. Our 36-week programme, which includes significant time in a school setting, is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to become a successful primary teacher.

模块的设计是为了让你体验所有的课程科目,你将被期望教您指定的年龄范围, as well as providing you with the opportunity to explore wider issues in education. All our tutors on the primary PGCE are experts in the field, passionate teachers and passionate about teaching.

Subject pathways are unique to the Exeter 主要PGCE programme and prepare you to become, 例如, curriculum coordinators. 符合og真人平台学科路径入学要求的申请人通常会遵循以下路径:

For applicants whose academic background does not match with one of our subject pathways, og真人平台有 Teaching and Learning pathway which prepares trainees to become leaders of curriculum innovation more generally.

该课程超过三个学期,包括在大学和学校实习的时间. 大学模块的设计是为了让你体验所有国家课程科目, as well as looking at cross-curricular learning and wider educational concerns. The taught element is made up of timetabled seminars, lectures and self-directed study. You will work individually and as part of small and larger groups. University lecturers, teachers and your peers will all contribute to your learning. Each term provides progressively more school-based work training:

Preliminary School Experience 2周
University Taught Course 10周
School Placement 1: Autumn Experience 2周
School Placement 1: Spring Experience 11周
School Placement 2: Summer Experience 11周

The programme has four main components

1. Curriculum studies

There is substantial preparation for teaching the core subjects of 英语, 数学, 科学通过教学课程结合自主活动,在大学和学校都有开展. There is a particular emphasis on the teaching of writing, reading and mathematics to reflect the government’s current educational priorities. This module also covers the subjects of Art, 计算, Design Technology, 地理位置, 历史, 现代语言, 音乐, Physical Education, and Religious Education, which are all delivered in shorter practical courses. 这些课程的目的是对这些学科的教学进行深入的介绍,以适应不同经验的学员.

2. Educational and Professional Studies

该模块的内容旨在对儿童的学习和发展进行批判性反思, 教育学, 多样性, and teachers’ roles and responsibilities in multi-professional contexts. There is engagement with relevant government reports, 以政策和学术研究发展评价当代社会趋势, and issues in theory and practice. The content of the module is inter-dependent with other modules in the programme, and will be developed in the professional studies element of school experience settings, 你会在哪些方面考虑教育原则和政策的实际执行.

3. 学校的经历

The University has excellent working relationships with its partnership schools, where trainees will be based for their school experience. 校本导师和导师负责学员的学习和发展,接受精心设计的培训. Trainees will initially work with groups of children, 在此之前承担更多的计划和独立教学的责任. 将有两所主要的安置学校分配,这些学校将提供对比鲜明的环境.

4. Pathway module (specialist or generalist)

Primary trainees will receive training in a chosen subject specialism from Art, 英语, 人文学科, 数学, 现代语言, 和科学. 该专业建立在你的学科知识优势(从你的学位或A水平)的基础上,旨在为你最终成为学科领导者或协调员的角色做准备. 另外, we also have a generalist pathway, ‘Primary Teaching and Learning’, which will develop your knowledge, 理解和技能在整个5-11课程的研究型小学教学和学习.

注:从2020/21学年开始,DfE入学必须通过读写和计算专业技能测试的要求已被取消. 而不是, PGCE学员在培训期间将参照政府规定的一套基本数学和英语技能进行基准测试. 这将被纳入培训年,不会涉及任何具体的面试测试. 培训人员将获得工具,以帮助确定需要发展的领域,并提高他们的技能.  PGCE课程将包括活动,使学员证明他们有必要的技能,在课程结束.